Women Empowering Women UK


An online community to help and support women on their own personal journey in life, as well as in business.


The community comprises of two groups of women. Ambassadors who are women in business, who as well as being a part of a business networking group, offer support and expertise in their field to members of Women Empowering Women.
The website needed to cater for both groups, with different features of the site being available depending on the membership status.

Forums were also required to allow members to create, and respond to discussions within the community.

A private online community would enable Ambassadors to connect and collaborate with each other.
Membership configuration meant that members would receive 1 month membership free before payment was taken.


A complex, in-depth website was created which includes many different features including the ability for Ambassadors to create resources and submit them to the website.
An online social platform was created which is only accessible to Ambassadors of Women Empowering Women and allows them to privately message each other, create and join groups as well as show support and collaborate with each other.

Project Date